Teaching Assistants

First-Year Graduate Appointments

Incoming graduates appointed to teach will be assigned to a Fall semester undergraduate lab or lecture subject during the summer before entering MIT. Although requests for specific classes are occasionally honored, TA appointments are predominantly determined by a student's previous experience, academic focus, and the teaching faculty's needs. Once on campus, TAs participate in a department training program before the start of the semester. This year it will be August 27 – August 31, 2018.

Lab TAs are required to arrive on campus by Monday, August 21, 2018 in order to participate in Lab TA Training, a detailed introduction to all of the experiments and procedures that undergraduates perform during the semester. 

Appointments for the Spring term are made in January.

Both lab and recitation TAs participate in a pedagogical training program organized by the Department of Chemistry. Through a series of lively workshops, TAs will begin to acquire skills in the areas of interactive learning, fielding difficult student questions and creating lesson plans. At the end of the workshops, TAs will have an understanding of their personal teaching style and will be equipped with the skills necessary to successfully lead a recitation or lab.

Attendance at the TA Training Program is required of all Teaching Assistants.

Undergraduate TA assignments

Undergraduates who are interested in TAing should view the information here. As TAing is a time-intensive duty, students should be positive that they are capable of fulfilling all of the job requirements before applying.