Graduate Career Resources

The Department of Chemistry recommends that PhD candidates discuss career options with their thesis chairs and faculty advisors as they are nearing completion of the PhD program, to discuss their background, goals, and research opportunities.  Regardless of individual career goals, the American Chemical Society offers a variety of advice and resources to chemists online here.

Post-Doctoral Research Positions

The majority of PhD graduates from MIT Chemistry pursue a post-doctoral research position immediately following the completion of their degree.  The application process for post-doctoral positions varies greatly from institution to institution, and specific opportunities are often based on the background and interests of the individual researcher applying for positions.

Academic Research Positions

Many PhD graduates from MIT Chemistry ultimately pursue academic positions as tenure-track faculty following the completion of their PhD.  Often, PhD graduates engage in post-doctoral research prior to applying for faculty positions, to solidify the scope of their research passions and strengthen their CV.

Both post-doctoral research positions and academic (tenure-track) positions are frequently posted on  Most higher education institutions also have their own job boards, where all active openings at the institution are listed.

Industrial Research Positions

If a student wishes to pursue career opportunities in industry, MIT's Global Education & Career Development has representatives available to meet with graduate students and discuss the industrial recruiting process, including building a CV/resume and developing interview skills.  Many large companies recruiting PhD-level researchers conduct preliminary interviews in the early fall, with follow-up site visits, additional interviews, and job offers occurring over the winter months.  GECD also has CareerBridge, an online job board  where alumni and current students can upload resumes, apply for positions, and learn about upcoming on-campus recruiting events.  Additional resources for industrial research opportunities include but are not limited to: the American Chemical Society, ChemJobs, and individual listings on company websites.