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Submissions from 2014 to 2017


Graham, Roger
Advisor: Professor C. Gardner Swain
PhD Chicago 1953 (Westheimer). Rohm and Haas Co. 1953-1996 (basic and applied polymer research, patent agent). Retired 1996; active in various senior activities in Moorestown, NJ. (Submitted 6/26/14)
Kessel, David
Advisor: Professor John Sheehan
Still (somehow) supported by the NIH for studies mainly involving photobiology. The advantage of that early training in organic chemistry is that I can carry out simple synthetic reactions without activating any alarm systems.  (Submitted 7/8/14)
Bosley, David
Advisor: Professor L.J. Heidt
Just checking in.  (Submitted 10/5/17)

Drake, Kenneth
Advisor: Professor George Büchi
I visited the Institute in September 2013 and hardly recognized my old stomping ground. The outside of the main building was of course the same, but there were all sorts of changes in the interior. Like many other grad students, I earned my tuition and room and board by acting as a teaching assistant for the early undergraduates. As I recall, lectures were given to about 210 students. Then the group was divided into 7 x 30-member problem sections, and I had one of these classes. My particular classroom was on the first floor of the main building, facing the inner courtyard. It was near the end of the second semester, about May and about half of the period, I had gone over a few problems and answered all the questions the students had. There were big windows facing the courtyard. It was a beautiful day, and the courtyard outside looked so inviting. One of the students said, “Hey Mr. Drake, let’s go outside.” Why not? I thought. So out we went through one of the windows. I sat them under a tree and expounded to them on my concepts of chemistry in particular, and life in general. 58 years later, everything is different, but the tree is still there. So I took a picture of “my tree” as a remembrance of some good times past. (Submitted 6/27/14)
MacLachlan, Alexander
Advisor: Professor C. Gardner Swain
My wife Elizabeth (also a 1957 PhD from MIT) and I are enjoying retirement. I retain a strong interest in science and do occasional service for the National Research Council. (Submitted 6/26/14)
Spiro, Thomas
Advisor: Profesor David Hume
A few years ago I relocated from Princeton to the U. of Washington. Great chemistry department, close to grandchildren. The lab moved too, and we are enjoying research, in the midst of the great Northwest. (Submitted 7/12/14)
Loveland, Walter
Advisor: Professor Glen Gordon
Walter Loveland was awarded the 2014 ACS Award in Nuclear and Radiochemistry, the Glenn T. Seaborg Award. (Submitted 6/30/14)
Atkinson, Joe
Advisor: Professor George Büchi
From 1962 to 1999 I had the great satisfaction of working in Merck's Montreal research labs, and so picking up French.  Since retiring in 1999 I have been volunteering my time with Opus Dei, a Roman Catholic institution.  In this way I have gotten to know more of this great country by way of Vancouver, Toronto and currently Ottawa. (Submitted 3/1/17)
Durst, Richard
Advisor: Professor David Hume
It’s been just one year since my family and I moved to Regensburg, Germany, and we have settled in reasonably well. My wife is a professor at the University of Regensburg and the kids are doing very well in the German schools. My only problem s the language. While I can speak some German, the Bayerisch dialect that they speak here in Bavaria is unique. Learning a new language at my age is difficult enough without throwing in this mostly unintelligible dialect. Oh well, if I got through MIT, I’ll also survive this ordeal. BTW, I recently also joined the MIT Club of Germany, and I am looking forward to future meetings and making new, English-speaking friends. Auf Wiedersehen. (Submitted 6/27/14)
Model, Frank
Although reporting being done with chemistry [since retirement] in previous posts, I can now report being "reborn". I am now consulting on a project involving eco-coal being led by an MIT classmate from Course  8. Good to be back in the saddle.  (Submitted 7/30/14)
Pirone, Albert J.
Advisor: Professor C. Gardner Swain
I am retired, but mentoring grade & high school students where I recently moved to near Sarasota Florida. (Submitted 3/1/17)
Meriwether, John
Advisor: Professor Isadore Amdur
Enjoyed MIT 50th reunion but very sad and sorry that IO passed away just three days prior to our reunion. Enjoyed meeting Prof. Carl Garland whom I did not know when I was a student. It appears that MIT is about to change big time re building repairs. I hope this goes forward smoothly. (Submitted 6/27/14)
Young, William
Advisor: Professor Fred Greene
In 2007, Bill retired from his 34-year career as a Chemical Analyst on Wall Street. He still does consulting work in his field, although this constitutes a relatively small percentage of his time. As VP of his MIT undergraduate class (which just celebrated its 50th Reunion), he has spent considerable effort tracking down “lost” classmates and creating the Course V webpage:
If the link doesn’t work and you would like to visit the site containing selected choice comments about the Chem Department’s faculty in the early 1960s—professors who were in the department as early as the 1920s and as late as 2014—simply conduct a  search for “MIT Class of 1964 Course V Chemistry.”  Separately, he is on a campaign for noise reduction in movie theaters for the sake of maintaining auditory health and is seeking others to join him in this effort. At his urging, legislation to limit sound levels was introduced—but did not pass—in the most recent session of Connecticut’s General Assembly. Bill and his wife Linda have two kids and six grandchildren, all of whom live in the San Francisco Bay Area. (Submitted 7/31/14)

Smith, David
Advisor: Professor Clark Stephenson
I regret to inform you of my husband’s passing on June 1, 2014
Submitted  by Renee G. Smith on 6/26/14.

Wade, Charles
Advisor: Professor John Waugh
The end of June marked the end of my first year of retirement. It has been wonderful, though a busy one as I helped educate my two grandkids (JAVA, Sketchup, Geometry and a variety of hands on activities), helped with fundraising for non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations, and made significant progress on reading that stack of books I’d created over the years. (Submitted 6/24/14)
Desiderio, Dominic
Advisor: Professor Klaus Biemann
Dominic M. Desiderio, Professor in the Department of Neurology and Director of the Charles B. Stout Neuroscience Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN, presented two invited lectures in China in October, 2013. One lecture was at the 15th Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis (BCEIA) in Beijing, and the other at East China Institute of Technology (ECIT) in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. Dr. Desiderio is a member of the MIT Cardinal and Gray Society (graduated 50 years ago), and members led the procession at the graduation ceremony on June 6, 2014. (Submitted 6/27/14)
Hayes, John M.
Advisor: Professor Klaus Biemann
John Hayes passed away on February 3, 2017. He received his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1966. He was a professor at Indiana University for 26 years, then in 1996 became director of the National Ocean Sciences Accelerator Mass Spectrometry facility at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and also served as a professor at Harvard University. He was a member of the National Academy of Sciences, a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a Foreign Member of the Royal Society. (Submitted by his daughter, Anne H. Hartman 2/6/17)
Schmidt, T. Richard
Advisor: Irwin Oppenheim
I graduated in Course V-B, a short term modification for Chemical Physics. After a Ph.D. from University of Virginia, I taught at Olivet Nazarene College for 8 years with one year off as Visiting Professor at Iowa State University. Sr. Scientist at Hoffmann-LaRoche Pharma until 1981 then career change to Software Engineer at a variety of aerospace and financial companies. I'm currently retired in New Jersey. (submitted 9/1/17)
Sitrin, Robert
Advisor: Professor Daniel S. Kemp
I retired from Merck  in 2011 and worked as an independent consultant in Vaccines Development. I recently took on a part time position with PATH and nonprofit which develops vaccines for the third world. (Submitted 6/30/14)

Friedman, Emil M.
Advisor: Professor Richard C. Lord
I’m far from the first MIT grad who’s career took lots of unexpected turns.  At graduation I thought I’d be a spectroscopist.  Grad school & a post-doc led me to polymers, liquid crystals, and polymer liquid crystals.  Goodyear led me to emulsion polymers, structural property relationships, chemical reactor engineering and then statistics.  Statistics eventually led me to non-clinical biostatistics in the pharmaceutical industry.  Somewhere along the way I also got involved with the statistics of promotional games, including a generalization of the birthday problem that we learned about in high school. (Submitted 8/14/14)
(Platzblatt) Pepperberg, Irene M
Advisor: Professor Jeffrey Steinfeld
Moved my lab (research on Grey parrot cognition) from Brandeis to Harvard last summer, and added a new baby Grey to the flock in September. Although I still do not have a ‘regular’ job, my teaching and research are now in the same place, and my students and I are doing many interesting studies and publishing regularly. (Submitted 6/30/14)
Gann, Richard (Dick)
Advisor:  Professor James W. Dubrin
Retired after 41 years of fire safety research for the Federal government.  He had become the unofficial “dean” of fire science at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  During his tenure, he had written the government’s reports on the reconstruction of the building collapses at the NY World Trade Center, been recognized for his team’s research that made possible the less fire-prone cigarettes that are now mandatory in the U.S., and received the (U.S.) Presidential Distinguished Rank Award, the highest recognition for a senior Federal employee.  Recently, Jones and Bartlett published his textbook, Principles of Fire Behavior and Combustion, designed to provide firefighters and fire protection engineers with understanding of how fires start, grow, cause harm, and are extinguished.  He is still doing some consulting, while expanding on some old-time hobbies (such as squash and guitar picking), traveling, and spending time with children and grandchildren. (Submitted 11/30/14)
Marks, Tobin
Advisor: Professor Al Cotton
2013 Alan MacDiarmid Medal, University of Pennsylvania
2014 Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson Medal, Royal Society of Chemistry (Submitted 6/27/14)
Rebek, Jr., Julius
Advisor: Professor Daniel Kemp
I have opened a new laboratory in the Chemistry Department at Fudan University in Shanghai under China’s Global Experts Program. (Submitted 6/26/14)
Ronald Sheinson
Advisor: Professor Kerry Bowers
Research Chemist. Retired as Head, Combustion Dynamics, US Naval Research Laboratory in 2000, continuing to interact there as Visiting Researcher, as well as consulting in industry as Sheinson Associates LLC. I continue as US Government Representative Technical Expert on the United Nations Environment Program, Halons Technical Options Committee, advising the Parties to the Montreal Protocol. I also apply my spectroscopy expertise on radiation, optics and sensors as a free-lance photographer for hire. (Submitted 7/15/14)
Gall, Martin
Advisor: Professor Herbert House
It’s nice to be back in Massachusetts again. Allyson and I moved to Scituate, MA this past January, after retiring from our respective positions(I as Global Clinical Trial Head for Novartis, she as Director of the NJ chapter of the American Jewish Committee). I was saddened to read of the passing of my thesis advisor, Prof. Herbert House, who had moved to Georgia Tech after I graduated from MIT. I’m delighted to learn of the important energy and other chemistry projects being carried out at MIT and enjoyed the annual Science Fair held at the Institute this past spring. (Submitted 7/26/14)
Young, J. Christopher
PhD '71
Professor George Buechi
After 39 years as a research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, I recently hung up my test tubes and started retirement. The latest issue of ChemFormation had several articles of great personal interest.  (1) Alumnus Louise Foley, PhD '70 who studied under George Buechi.  I too studied under Buechi, one year behind Louise.  It would be appreciated if you could send me her email address, so we can chat about the "good old days" at MIT.  (2)  Also Tommy Jackson, Kent Matsumoto and Steve Gould were students of Buechi at the same time as me.  It would be appreciated if you could forward their email addresses to me. (Submitted 11/22/14)
Drummond, David
Busy managing isoSolutions and our nuclear medicine business in Latin America, Canada and China. Having too much fun to think about retirement! (Submitted 8/17/14)

Scott, James
Advisor: K. Barry Sharpless
Going on 30+ years now from internship to staff at Mass General Hospital - I think I may have been Barry’s first undergraduate lab guy and have now achieved the rare status of having forgotten more chemistry than I may have known. Great memories though. (Submitted 6/24/14)
Advisor: Professor Dietmar Seyferth
I think I am finally retired after being laid off from my last position, although I've had my arm twisted into doing some consulting and for the right project and price I could probably be persuaded to do it again. A career with many ups and downs but glad I did it and very glad that MIT was the foundation for it. (Submitted 1/2/18)
Gepner, Janice
I retired from teaching high school Chemistry in 2010.  For the past several years I have been a Chemistry tutor at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.  While I was a teacher, I was honored to receive high school teaching awards from both the Northeastern Section of ACS (1988) and the Minnesota Section of ACS (2010), as well as MIT's Network of Educators in Science and Technology (2007).
[note regarding this form:  My MIT Chemistry degree was an SB in 1974; my 1979 PhD was from MIT's Biology Dept]
(submitted 11/30/17)
Delaney, Michael Francis
Advisor: Professor David N Hume
For the past 23 years, Dr. Delaney has been Director of Laboratory Services at the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA), where he oversees regulatory and process control testing of water and wastewater for 2.5 million Massachusetts residents. (Submitted 1/3/17)
Demers, Jim
Advisor: Professor K. Barry Sharpless
Been a while since graduation!  After a Ph.D. (Stanford, w. Gene van Tamelen) and postdoc work (Columbia, w Ron Breslow), I did medicinal chemistry for J&J for about 13 years, then switched to patent law.  Got a J.D. from Fordham in 2003, and I've been working as a patent attorney for the past 12 years.  Die-hard NYC resident since my Columbia days (when I discovered that I was a city guy at heart), but I'm still a Red Sox fan. Would welcome messages from other alumni; I'm on LinkedIn and of course (Submmitted 1/3/17)

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Frye, R. Bruce
Advisor: Professor Sidney Hecht
Retired to Bethany Beach, Delaware where I serve on the town council and I make chemistry presentations to local schools and civic groups as "Dr. Frye, ANOTHER Science Guy."  (PS, I go by my middle name, Bruce)  (Submitted 1/4/17)
Lazar, Mitchell
After MIT, where I worked in the lab of Prof. Greene, I obtained an MD/PhD at Stanford then trained in molecular endocrinology in Boston. Since 1989 I have been on the faculty at Penn. I am founding director of the Institute for Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism, and my research focuses on the transcriptional regulation of circadian rhythms and metabolism. This past year I was elected to the National Academy of Sciences. (Submitted 12/29/17)
Melzer, Jim
Advisor: Professor Jeffrey I. Steinfeld
I was recently promoted to Technical Fellow at Rockwell Collins, in Carlsbad, California, where I design and develop head- and helmet-mounted displays. My research interests are in visual perception, image processing, nanoplasmonic metamaterials and invertebrate vision. (Submitted 8/8/14)
Abrahamson, Harmon
Advisor: Professor Mark Wrighton
I started a three-year term as Chair of the Department of Chemistry at the University of North Dakota in July 2016; retirement will need to wait for a bit. I have done this before (1997-2003), so the learning curve wasn't as steep this time around. I enjoy visiting the department when the ACS has a meeting in Boston. (Submitted 3/2/17)
Branz, Stephen
Advisor: Professor Jack E. Baldwin
Following my PhD, I did postdocs at University College London and Syntex Corpoation (Palo Alto, CA).  As of August 2016, I am now retired after 35 years at San José State University as a Professor of Chemistry, then Associate Dean for Science, and finally as the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies since 2008. -- Along the way my wife Emily and I had three daughters (Heidi, Toby, and Naomi), the oldest of whom gave birth to our first grandchild (a girl, Sierra Ray Branz-Hernandez) this past October. -- Several members of the Baldwin research group (1978 ± a year or two) will be having a reunion in London this coming June. (Submitted 3/1/17)
Peterson, Christine
Advisor: Professor Christopher Walsh
Currently organizing a workshop on solving environmental problems (e.g., ocean acidification) via atomically-precise nanotechnology pathways. Also collaborating with SENS Foundation on their first U.S. conference on rejuvenation biotechnology. (Submitted 6/26/14)
Rios-Mercadillo, Victor
Advisor: Professor George Whitesides
Chief Scientist at Green Seal Corporation, Queretaro, Qro. México. (Submitted 6/24/14)
Barshay, Stephen S.
Advisor: John S. Lewis
After a year at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut as a Visiting Assistant Professor, I am continuing my encore career as an Assistant Professor in Residence at the University of Connecticut in Storrs.  I retired from Westinghouse Electric Company in 2016 as a Fellow Scientist and returned to my true calling: teaching introductory chemistry.  I haven't worked this hard in years, and I'm loving it. (submitted 12/22/17)
Orvig, Chris
Advisor: Professor Alan Davison
Chris Orvig was this year honored by his institution, the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, with its highest award for research, the Jacob Biely Research Prize. (Submitted 6/26/14)
Chang, Linda Lu
Advisor: Professor Satoru Masamune
I am currently teaching at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.  After my journies at MIT, I had a huge amount of fun and challenge in drug discovery research, mostly at Merck (Rahway, NJ).  In 2009, I plunged into teaching general chemistry and organic chemistry as a 2nd career and am thoroughly enjoying it!!  I am returning to music, and am challenging myself to learn different languages (especially Latin) via music
by singing with CVMC. (submitted 9/1/17)
Mitchell, Miguel
After 12 years at Salisbury University, I tried my hand at starting a fine chemical manufacturing company...just before sequestration. Oops! Well, timing is everything. I did complete one contract. Now I’m happily employed by Late Nite Labs in NYC, at-home working as Science Content Editor for a virtual learning lab environment. (Submitted 6/28/14)

Palmer, Chip
Advisor: Professor Richard Schrock
After many years at Dupont, I’ve moved to Ethox Chemicals, a medium sized specialty chemicals company with a strong entrepreneurial environment. I’m in charge of R&D and marketing there and recently was promoted to Vice President. I get to work on many new product developments, evaluating new technologies, intellectual property management, and marketing our new products. We’re promoting our new reactive surfactants to make paint with both better performance and a better environmental profile. I really enjoy my work with all of its challenges! (Submitted 6/27/14)

Sard, Howard
Advisor: Professor Rick Danheiser
 I am a co-founder and Vice President at Organix, Inc. a contract research organization specializing in custom organic synthesis for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We are proud to be starting our 31st year of operation. (Submitted 3/1/17)
Liang, Bryan
Advisor: Professor Rick Danheiser
Hello! Well, I finally made something of myself—35 years after leaving high school early w/o graduating, and post-MIT BS and three terminal degrees [MD, PhD, JD], I was awarded my high school diploma this past June! This was part of my being named to the school’s Wall of Fame for Professional, Civic, and Humanitarian Service—they couldn’t induct me initially because it is an award only for “graduates.” So the School Board voted to award me a HS Diploma and then announce the induction! They also put all the degrees after my name —bet they hadn’t used that much ink for a name in a long time! Hope all’s well in Course V! Best, Bryan [HS Dipl.(Hon.), MD, PhD, JD] (Submitted 6/27/14)
Spencer, Mark
Advisor: Professor Jeffrey Steinfeld
Water Analytics is now in its fifth year. We recently released our first major new product—a web based controller for our industrial water quality sensors. By MIT standards it may be “so yesterday” but, in the water treatment arena, it’s the first of its kind at its price point. An even more advanced controller is due out in 6 months. (Submitted 6/30/14)

Grayce, Christopher
The world of online educational technology seems to have taken off, and business for the product I designed (ALEKS for chemistry) is really booming. We’ve just acquired the general chemistry business at our third University of Texas and University of California campuses, and Penn, Baylor, Rice, UNC Chapel Hill, are joining Emory, Ohio State, Washington and many others as customers this fall. As a former professor it’s awe-inspiring to have nearly 100,000 students a year, so to speak, but the work is intense. (Submitted 6/27/14)
McManus, Michael
Advisor: Professor Glenn Berchtold
I recently joined Intel in the role of Senior Healthcare Solution Architect after departing from Knome, Inc. I am still living in the Boston area. (Submitted 8/5/15)
Thoman, Jay
Advisor: Professor Jeffrey Steinfeld
With co-author Raymond Chang, Jay Thoman PhD’87 published a textbook  Physical Chemistry for the Chemical Sciences (University Science Books, 2014). (Submitted 7/15/14)
Duncan, (Noel) Audra
Advisor: Professor Stephen Lippard
I am presently a Professor of Surgery, Vascular Surgeon at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. (Submitted 6/27/14)
Boyd, James
Advisor: Professor Daniel Kemp
I am VP of Chemistry at Artificial Cell Technologies, Inc., a small biotech company in New Haven, CT. We are developing a peptide film technology for applications in vaccine science and were recently awarded a Phase 2 SBIR grant for development of our microparticle-based malaria vaccine. If things go well we will begin testing in humans in 2-3 years. (and yes, Prof. Bob Langer is on our SAB). (Submitted 6/26/14)

Gladstone, David J., Sc.D.
Advisor: Professor Sylvia T. Ceyer
Dr. Gladstone, Chief of Clinical Physics at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, has been promoted to Professor of Medicine, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth and Adjunct Professor of Engineering, Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth.  Research interests include real time monitoring of Cherenkov emission from patients while receiving radiation therapy for treatment of cancer.  The first such video images were obtained at Dartmouth and allow clinicians to see the radiation fields during treatment.  These observations can be used to verify that the ionizing radiation is being applied to the correct location in the body (with mm accuracy) and that the delivered dose is as prescribed.  We are developing automated systems to exert beam holds or deliver messages to the therapists if detected Cherenkov light does not match that predicted by treatment planning systems.  Videos may be viewed on line at (Submitted 12/11/14)
Kuo, Erica
Life since graduating from MIT certainly has been an adventure:
Berkeley grad school, Stanford law school, married, moved to NY, traveled all over the world, baby, partner at Goodwin Procter, retired from Goodwin Procter, moved to Hong Kong, traveled around Asia, learned Chinese (finally!), moved back to NY, and recently opened my own boutique patent law firm, Haner & Kuo, PLLC ( What lies ahead?  Can’t wait to find out!  (Submitted 6/24/14)
Oyer, Timothy
Advisor: Professor Mark Wrighton
I am President of Wolf Greenfield, a Boston IP law firm, and live in the city with my wife and two sons. In my job, I have the great privilege of interacting regularly with MIT students, profs., administrators, and alums, as well as companies spun out of MIT. Few days pass when I am not reminded one way or another how fortunate I am to have had such a strong and positive impact made on my life by MIT. (Submitted 8/14/14)
Inada, Maki
Advisor: Professor Jamie Williamson
I recently received tenure and promotion to Associate Professor as a Molecular Biologist/Biochemist in the Biology Department at Ithaca Collegein upstate NY.  I was also one of last year's Faculty Excellence awardees! (Submitted 3/2/17)
Wright, David
Advisor: Professor William Orme-Johnson
I have been at Vanderbilt University for the last 13 years in the Department of Chemistry. This past spring, I was named the Stevenson Professor of Chemistry. On July 1, I took the reins as the Chairman of the department. (Submitted 6/28/14)
Freundlich, Joel
Advisor: Professor Richard Schrock
Joel Freundlich (Ph.D. Chemistry 1996) is an associate professor at Rutgers University. His group is using an array of computational, chemical, and biological tools to study Mycobacterium tuberculosis—the causative agent of tuberculosis. His research is funded by the NIH. He resides in Princeton, NJ and would love to hear from other chemistry alumni! (Submitted 7/16/14)

Spencer, Darryl
Advisor: Professor Mario Molina
Started a new job last year in Philadelphia as VP, Technology for the Life Science Solution division of Elsevier. Our software tools and information content supports pharmaceutical R&D. (Submnitted 6/26/14)
Shimanovich, Roman
Currently I am a Principal Scientist at Amgen's Cambridge, MA site. After graduating from MIT, I went on to receive a PhD in Chemistry from Princeton University (John Groves) and spent two years as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (Ian Blair). I joined Amgen in 2005 as a pharmaceutical chemist and have been supporting projects from Discovery through Early Clinical Development. My family and I have lived in Brighton, MA for the past 12 years. (Submitted 2/2/17)
Greco, Jane Brock
I have been teaching at Johns Hopkins University for the past eight years, and was recently promoted to associate teaching professor.  I live in Baltimore with my husband, George Greco (PhD '00 Schrock) and our son Samuel.  (Submnitted 7/3/14)
Sturla, Shana
Advisor: Professor Stephen Buchwald
I was pleased to receive the 2014 ACS Chemical Research In Toxicology Young Investigator Award ( I am a Professor of Toxicology at the ETH Zurich, and enjoy life in Switzerland with Kristopher McNeill (Professor of Environmental Chemistry at ETH, and former MIT postdoc) and our 1-year-old son, Bosco. (Submitted 6/26/14)
Carven, Gregory
Advisor: Professor Lawrence Stern
Gregory was named one of 2016 Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation’s Inventors of the Year. The award ceremony honored six life-saving cancer immunotherapies at its Annual Foundation Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C. on 6 December 2016. Representing the team that invented KEYTRUDA was Gregory Carven (PhD, 2004), who now works for biotechnology company, Scholar Rock. KEYTRUDA works by blocking the programmed cell death protein 1 (PD-1) pathway expressed on T Cells (a type of white blood cell). KEYTRUDA is currently approved in the United States for the treatment of advanced melanoma, metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) that tests positive for PD-L1, and advanced head and neck squamous cell cancer (HNSCC) following platinum-containing chemotherapy and other indications. (Submitted 9/29/17)
Fatehi, Shervin
Advisor: Professor Bob Field and Bob Silbey (research) and Professor Keith Nelson (academic)
I'm midway through my second year as an assistant professor of chemistry at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, down in the Texas (sub)tropics, working on Auger-type energy-transfer processes and electronic structure theory and scrounging for cash. If any of you ever want to go swimming in February and talk a little chemistry, feel free to look me up in McAllen! (submitted 3/1/17)
Sellmyer, Mark
Advisor: Professor Barbara Imperiali
Mark is finishing up radiology residency at UPenn with an emphasis in molecular imaging research after receiving his MD/PhD from Stanford. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife Evan Pruitt ('05) and their two children Avea and Cy Sellmyer. (Submitted 2/1/17)
Bartlett, Bart
Advisor: Professor Daniel Nocera
Bart M. Bartlett was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure at the University of Michigan Department of Chemistry in May 2014. (Submitted 6/26/14)
Rothman, Deb
Advisor: Professor Barbara Imperiali
In order to pursue an opportunity to help build the chemical biology group at Merck, I've relocated to NJ after 16 years in the Boston area! The group will focus on chemical means of novel target identification for various therapeutic indications. (Submitted 1/3/16)

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Bachmann, Julien
Advisor: Professor Daniel Nocera
Julien has been promoted to Full Professor at the University of Erlangen, Germany, where he now leads the Chair of Thin Film Materials Chemistry. (Submitted 9/27/17)
Radhakrishnan, Mala
Advisor: Professor Bruce Tidor
I am a wife, a Mom of two, and a chemistry professor at Wellesley College. I also published a humorous book of chemistry poetry,  Atomic Romances, Molecular Dances, which course 5-ers would likely enjoy! (Submitted 8/19/14)
D'Ascoli Etheridge, Jenn
Advisor: Professor John Essigmann
In May I graduated from Wharton with my MBA in Health Care Management, in June I married my wonderful husband Will Etheridge (Course 3 ‘07), and in July I started working at Genentech in the Market Analysis & Strategy within the Patient Insights group. It’s been a busy year! (Submitted 7/12/14)

Redfern, Roseanna
Advisor: Professor JoAnne Stubbe
I have been working as a chemist for Sherwin-Williams since 2009. I am currently the Category Manager for Extenders, which are industrial minerals used in coatings. I am hoping to start graduate classes part time in the fall to eventually get my MS; my course load will include analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, geology, and polymer science. (Submitted 6/26/14)

Sinnett, Sarah
Advisor: Professor JoAnne Stubbe
I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2014 with a Ph.D. inNeurobiology!  I am enjoying my new job as a postdoctoral researcher at UNC’s Gene Therapy Center. (Submitted 6/27/14)
Tantama, Mathew
Advisor: Professor Stuart Licht
I have joined the Department of Chemistry at Purdue University as an Assistant Professor. My research group develops optical biosensors to study metabolic and oxid tive stress in neurodegeneration associated with Parkinson’s disease. (Submitted 6/28/14)
Cui, Shanying
Shanying is wrapping up her PhD at Harvard in Applied Physics this year, after spending the past few years studying how surface chemistry affects the optical properties of nitrogen-vacancies in diamonds. She and Michael Miller (‘09, VI and XXI-M) are moving to LA in the fall, where she will start her job as a research scientist in the materials group at HRL. She welcomes old (and new!) friends to visit her on the west coast! (Submitted 6/24/14)

Kelly, Amy
Advisor: Professor Roger Summons
Research geochemist at Shell in Houston and Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. (Submitted 8/2/14)

Litwin, Tamara
I received my PhD from the University of Cambridge (the other Cambridge!) in July through a collaborative NIH-Cambridge funded doctoral program. My thesis research focused on topology simplification by topoisomerase enzymes and on topology-dependent protein-DNA binding. I am staying for a short postdoc at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in Bethesda, MD and looking for future opportunities. (Submitted 6/27/14)
Greenland, Nancy Yerkes
Advisor: Professor Sarah O’Connor
I got my MD from Stanford in June, and will be starting residency in pathology at UCSF in July. (Submitted 6/24/14)
Phillips-Piro, Christine
Advisor: Professor Catherine Drennan
Nick (Nicholas Piro, MIT PhD 2009 with Kit Cummins) and I welcomed our second son, Oliver, on May 20th, 2016.  His big-brother Finn (3 1/2) loves helping out--especially making his little brother laugh!  (Submitted 1/4/17)
Silberstein, Katie
Advisor: Professor Moungi Bawendi
Katie will be concluding her PhD work this spring, in the Abruna lab at Cornell University. (Submitted 7/2/14)
Lessing, Joshua
Professor Andrei Tokmakoff
I am the first employee at Professor George M. Whitesides’ latest startup company—Soft Robotics Inc. As the Senior Scientist at SRI, I am responsible for the design and fabrication of a fundamentally new class of chemically inspired robotic actuators. Unlike typical robotic actuators that achieve their function by combining motors and hard linkages, our actuators rely on the pressurization of devices consisting of patterns of materials of varied stiffness and elasticity. This new approach to robotics allows for the creation of actuators that are inexpensive, easy to fabricate, softer to the touch, and capable of conforming to surfaces of varied shape. These attributes make soft actuators more appropriate for applications in disposable search and rescue robotics, interactions with living tissues, and performing unstructured tasks like gripping.  (Submitted 6/24/14)

Marshak, Michael
Advisor: Professor Daniel Nocera
After graduation, I left everything behind to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, walking 2,668 miles from Mexico to Canada. Upon my return, I began a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard where I currently study organic flow batteries for grid-scale energy storage as part of a collaborative project between professors Michael Aziz, Roy Gordon, and Alán Aspuru-Guzik. (Submitted 6/26/14)
Cui, Jian
Advisor: Professor Moungi Bawendi
After graduating, I began a postdoc in the Optical Materials Engineering Laboratory at ETH Zurich in Zurich, Switzerland. (Submitted 6/28/14)
Harmon, Chyleigh
After MIT, I completed a post-bacc in physiology at Georgetown and confirmed that medicine is the career I want. After that, I worked as a pharmacy technician in my hometown of Syracuse, NY while tutoring students in SAT and college level physics and chemistry. I've started medical school at Saint Louis University School of Medicine where I have so far decided to go into Family Medicine with a focus in OB-Gyn, Maternal Fetal Health and/or Fertility. I love women and babies and decided that this would be the best track for me to follow. I am volunteering with a shelter for women and their children who have been victims of domestic violence, am running a screening clinic, am learning how to be a doula (to support a mom during pregnancy and labor) and will be completing my confirmation at the gorgeous Cathedral Basilica in June. This summer, I hope to conduct OB or psychiatry research on the benefits of a doula while completing my international doula certification which involves completing classes, following women through pregnancy and labor, and shadowing a professional doula. Saint Louis has been wonderful; the people are friendly and the diversity is incredible. As I hope to work with the National Health Service Corps at an FQHC following my residency, completing my medical education here will be a perfect fit. (Submitted 1/3/17)
Gibson, Marcus
Advisor: Professor Catherine Drennan
After earning my PhD in Cathy Drennan's lab at MIT, I carried out postdoctoral research at Princeton University in Prof. Mohammad Seyedsayamdost's lab for two and a half years. This past February, I began work as a formulation scientist at Omega Therapeutics, and am happy to be back in Cambridge!


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