Morse Travel Grants

The Department is extremely grateful to Dr. David Morse, PhD ’76,  and his wife, Susan, who, in honor of Dr. Morse’s parents, Vivian A. and E. Emerson Morse, continue to provide generous support to the Department in the way of travel grants to enable graduate students to attend a national or international conference or meeting. The fund has provided  approximately 20 grants per year since 2001. 


I develop DNP agents as part of my PhD research in Swager group. At the [2012 Hyperpolarized Carbon-13 MRI Tech. Workshop, in San Francisco, CA], I presented a poster titled “Water-Soluble Polarization Agents for SE and CE DNP”, and received a lot of helpful input from the leading researchers in the field. The workshop brought me up to date on current problems and opportunities for DNP in medical applications. Moreover, attending the workshop allowed me to jumpstart a collaboration with two research groups at UCSF. We tested the polarization agents I brought with me and got very promising results!

It was a great trip, and I sincerely thank [Dr. and Mrs. Morse] for [their] support through the Vivian A. and E. Emerson Morse travel grant.

Olesya Haze
Swager Group

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Senior Individual Giving Officer

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