Seminar Programs

The Department of Chemistry's seminars provide an opportunity to learn about exciting current research at other universities and in industrial research laboratories.

For questions relating to a seminar, please see below for a list of current seminar contacts. For a full list of upcoming seminars, visit the departmental Events Calendar.

Area of Research Seminar Contact Details
Chemical Biology Betty Lou McClanahan
t: 617-253-0630
Biological chemistry seminars are at 4:00pm (refreshments at 3:45pm) in MIT room 4-270 unless otherwise noted.
Inorganic Chemistry

Christine Brooks
t: 617-253-7239

Inorganic chemistry seminars take place at 4:15 pm in MIT room 4-370 unless otherwise noted. Harvard lectures are held in Pfizer Lecture Hall, lower level, Mallinckrodt Labs, 12 Oxford St., Cambridge.
Organic Chemistry Shannon Wagner
t: 617-452-2931
Organic chemistry seminars take place at 4:00pm in MIT room 6-120 unless otherwise noted.
Physical Chemistry Peter Giunta
t: 617-253-2457
Physical chemistry seminars will take place in Room 6-120 at 4:30 PM. Refreshments will be served at 4:00 PM in the Amdur Room (6-120) unless otherwise stated.