Annual Meetings

Starting in their second year all graduate students meet annually with both their Research Advisor and Thesis Committee Chair and are required to submit a written confirmation of that meeting.

Annual Research Advisor Meeting

Research Advisor Annual Meeting Form

The following system has been developed to ensure that every graduate student in the Department of Chemistry receives a substantive evaluation of their progress toward the doctoral degree from their research advisor at least once each year. The aim of this system is to improve communication and sharpen goals in a manner that does not increase stress. Based on input from the community, the form and process was updated in Fall 2015.

Under this system, research advisors are required to meet with each graduate student in their group who is in their second or later year to discuss the student's intellectual and professional development over the past year and progress toward the degree. Prior to this meeting, students should complete Parts I-II of the required form on their own. At the meeting, students discuss their progress, future plans, and concerns with their advisor. The completed Graduate Student Annual Research Advisor Meeting form must be signed by both the student and his or her research advisor.

After the meeting, please show the signed and completed form to Jennifer Weisman in the Chemistry Education Office (6-205) by January 16, 2018. She will register your completion of the meeting and you may keep the form. Note that this is only a suggested format for the meeting. You and your advisor may choose a different format for the discussion as long as there is some written summary.

Annual Meeting with Thesis Committee Chairs

Thesis Chair Annual Meeting Form

Although your relationship with your research advisor is of primary importance in your professional development as a chemist, interactions with other members of the faculty can be of great benefit in providing additional advice and perspective during the course of your graduate studies at MIT. To ensure that all graduate students develop a meaningful intellectual relationship with at least one other member of the faculty in addition to their advisor, the following system has been created with the assistance of the Chemistry Graduate Student Committee.

Beginning in the second year of graduate student, each student meets at least once with the Chair of his/her Thesis Committee at least during the fall term. At these meetings, students update the Thesis Committee (TC) Chair on their on their research progress and general intellectual development in an informal and relaxed setting.  The time, place, and format for this discussion is arranged between the student and Thesis Committee Chair.  These meetings aim to encourage productive and stimulating discussions of science and to facilitate the development of further interactions between students and other members of the faculty besides research advisors.  Students should keep in mind that these meetings are intended to focus primarily on academic and scientific matters, and that Thesis Committee Chairs are not bound by the same obligations with respect to privacy as are the Chemistry Department Mediators.

Following the fall meeting, students and TC Chairs are responsible for signing the Annual Thesis Committee Chair Meeting Form confirming that the required meeting has taken place. This form must be completed  and submitted to the Chemistry Education Office (6-205) by January 16, 2018.