Dincă and Pentelute Granted Tenure

Danielle Randall
May 8, 2017

Photo (From Left): Professor Mircea Dincă and Professor Bradley Pentelute.

Professor Mircea Dincă and Professor Bradley L. Pentelute have been promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure, effective July 1, 2017.

Professor Dincă's research focuses on the synthesis and characterization of new inorganic and organic materials for applications in small molecule transformations (e.g. CO2 and O2 reduction, and natural gas conversion), energy conversion and storage, sensing, gas separation, and biotechnology. By designing and synthesizing new materials, the Dincă Group aspires to learn more about fundamental processes such as electron and ion transport through ordered solids, the reactivity and electrochemistry of low-coordinate metal ions in porous crystals, the effects of conformational changes on the electronic properties of molecules, and the behavior of materials at the interface with solid-state devices and biological media.

Professor Pentelute's research entails the use of new chemistry and platforms to solve important problems in chemical biology. The Pentelute Group focuses on the use of cysteine arylation to generate abiotic macromolecular proteins, the precision delivery of biomolecules into cells, and the development of fast flow platforms to rapidly produce polypeptides.