Create a New Subaward

It is the administrative/financial assistant’s responsibility to set up all subawards for research accounts under their purview.

  1. Request the creation of a subaward child account under the research account by emailing the Chemistry Research Administration Team.  You’ll need to provide them with the beginning and end dates of the project period and the total amount being distributed to the subaward in the first year.
  2. Create a requisition with the below information.   Only when this information is complete can the Research Subawards Team (RST) assemble the subaward documentation package and negotiate the subaward.
  1. Dates:  Provide the beginning and end dates for the sub-award.
  2. Cost Object:  Provide the child account number set up by OSP and the Research Administration Team.
  3. Expense G/L Account:  Provide an appropriate expense G/L.
    1. 420600:  Subawards Agreement:  F&A on first $25k
    2. 420620:  Subawards Agreement: No F&A
  4. Approval:  Provide name and phone number of person authorized to sign request/commitment for the cost object to be charged (the PI).
  5. Subawardee:  Select from a list of vendors or provide the following information: name of subawardee with complete address, telephone number, e-mail address (if available) and person to contact.
  6. Complete proposal:  Attach a PDF of the complete proposal, available in Kuali Coeus.
  7. Special Processing:  Note any additional information that the subawards office should know about when processing this requisition.

How to Update a Subaward

When a new increment of funding is received, create a requisition for a change order to the PO in Atlas.

  1.  Ask the PI what they want to give to the subrecipient for this year in the grant. 

For example, they might want to give the same proposed % of funding but adjusted according to the amount actually received, if different from the amount requested in the proposal.  Start by looking in the original proposal to find the intended split of funding between the PI and the subaward as well as to find the proposed total amounts for each year.  In this example, MIT received only 90% of what the PI proposed.

As another example, they might want to give the same percentage of the obligated total that they gave last year. 





When considering options for how much money to distribute to your subaward (if different from what is proposed), consult the “Terms” section of your NOA as there may be stipulations about significant changes to the budget (and thus, the Scope of Work), that will require prior approval from the Sponsor.

  2.  Request an update to the child account’s authorized total (as determined by step 1) and obligated end date (i.e. the end of the new project period) to the Research Administration Team who will then coordinate with OSP to process the request.

  3.  Create a change order by

  • Increasing (or decreasing) amount by $ provided by PI, using G/L #420620.  Make sure total PO value matches the authorized total of child account.
  • Extending the end date to the new obligated end date.
  • Including a thorough “delivery text”.  For example:

“This requisition is a change order to a subaward PO (PO#5710000000) for XYZ College under account number 1234567.   $150,000 has been awarded for Year 2.  XYZ College will be receiving a consortium of $37,500 for year 2.  The new end date of the PO will be 8/31/15.”

  4.  Update your projections.

For follow-up questions and to check the status of your request, contact the subawards office and notify them of your requisition.