Life of an Award


The NOA is the official notification from the sponsor that an award is offered in response to an application submitted by MIT. This document must be read thoroughly in order to make yourself familiar with the terms and conditions of the award.  The document also contains information about future funding committed by the sponsor and any special budget restrictions.

Progress reports are the responsibility of the PI.  Some agencies require or permit final technical reports to be submitted online.  For those, a copy of the Sponsor’s confirmation of receipt is sufficient documentation to send to OSP. OSP requires that a copy of all final reports be submitted to them as well.

Award Modifications are the official documents from the sponsor that notify MIT of any change to the original NOA.  These modifications typically include changes to the period of performance, the funding, or the terms and conditions.  This includes but is not limited to: extending the obligation end date, providing no-cost extensions, changes to key personnel, or an increment of funding.  


The Award Closeout is the process of completing all of the internal procedures and sponsor requirements necessary to terminate or complete a sponsored project.  Closeout actions typically include: submitting final financial, progress, property and patent reports, as well as a final fiscal review of the account.