NIH Postdoctoral Fellows: Responsible Conduct of Research

Welcome to the MIT Chemistry Course Website for the Responsible Conduct of Research!

These trainings are applicable for Department of Chemistry NIH Postdoctoral Fellows only.

The format for the Responsible Conduct of Research Course at MIT consists of five two-hour sessions, each of which is attended by an MIT faculty member. Each session features a fellow-lead presentation focused on a particular topic or topics related to the ethical practice of scientific research. Each presentation is followed by the presentation of case studies and a fellow-lead discussion. Prior to each session, readings are assigned both from the primary course text, "Scientific Integrity: Third Edition" by Francis Macrina, as well as from current journal articles and other relevant literature. Below, you will find links to Pdfs of the presentations created for each of the 2012 and 2013-2014 course sessions.

Session 1: Authorship and Peer Review

2014-2015 Presentation Session 1

Assigned Reading: Macrina Ch. 3, 4; Strange, K. "Authorship: why not just toss a coin?" Am. J. Physiol. Cell Physiol. 2008, 259, 567.


Session 2: Conflicts of Interest, Error and Negligence

2014-2015 Presentation Session 2

Assigned Reading: Macrina Ch. 1,2; Kevles, D. “The Assault on David Baltimore,” The New Yorker, May 27, 1996, 94.


Session 3: Mentoring, Scientific Data Handling, Record Keeping, and Analysis

2014-2015 Presentation Session 3

Assigned Reading: Macrina Ch. 11; Shankar, Kalpana "Remembering and Forgetting: Exploring the Role of the Record in the Conduct of Scientific Research".


Session 4: Human and Animal Experimentation, Collaborative Research

2014-2015 Presentation Session 4

Assigned Reading: Macrina Ch. 5, 6, 8; Jones, B. et al. "Multi-University Research Teams: Shifting Impact, Geography, and Stratification in Science" Science 2008, 322, 1259.


Session 5: Intellectual Property, Gene Patenting

2014-2015 Presentation Session 5

Assigned Reading: Macrina Ch. 9,10; Fox, J. "Mixed Messages from Washington"Nature Biotechnology 2011, 29, 303; Simon, B.; Scott, C. "Unsettled Expecations: How Recent Patent Decisions Affect Biotech" Nature Biotechnology 2011, 3, 229.Also see:


In addition to these discussion sessions, the fellows are also required to complete two online courses: (MIT's comprehensive course on research using human subjects) (review on all material regarding ethical research)