Reporting Facilities Repair and Service Requests

Note:  The instructions below are for non-emergency facilities requests only.   In the event of fires, serious injuries, or major chemical spills, instead call 100 from any campus phone or 617-253-1212 from external phones for emergency assistance.

Routine Repairs and Service Requests

Atlas, MIT’s administrative system, should be used to request routine repairs and services (pest control, recycling and others) from the MIT Department of Facilities.  Atlas makes it easy to create service requests and allows users to track their pending, in-process, and completed requests.

The following E-Learning Demonstration [Course: Facilities Service Requests (FMO42080w)] is available to explain the process for creating Facilities Service requests in Atlas.

Facilities Requests That Require Immediate Response

Report all facilities requests that require immediate response by dialing 3-4948 (FIXIT) from any campus phone or 617-253-4948 from external phones, which will connect you to the MIT Department of Facilities Customer Service Center. 

For urgent facilites requests, please select Option 1.  For other requests, please select Option 2.  Please provide as complete a description of the problem and location as possible. The operator will assign a work order to the request and will contact and dispatch emergency response staff.

Please note that selecting Option 1 does not connect you to MIT Police.

Call 100 from any campus telephone or 617-253-1212 from external phones for emergency assistance in the event of fires, serious injuries or major chemical spills.

What Requests Require Immediate Response?

While there are a variety of situations that may be classified as urgent, below are examples of typical facilities related situations that require immediate response:

• Roof leaks
• Electrical or lighting outages
• Leaks from faucets and pipes
• Clogged drains
• Lack of heat during cold weather and frozen pipes
• Air conditioning outages that affect sensitive electronic equipment
• Doors that cannot be closed and / or locked other repairs in which there exists a potential and/or actual risk to health and safety of personnel, or disruptions to security and/or regular operation. Examples of these include a loss of exhaust ventilation to chemical fume hoods or specialty local exhaust.

In the event of fires, serious injuries, or major chemical spills, instead call 100 from any campus phone or 617-253-1212 from external phones for emergency assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Requests for Routine Service

How do I submit a request for a routine repair?

Work requests for repairs of a routine nature should be submitted online using the Atlas gateway via the Campus tab. Note: There are separate Create Request Screens for Students and Employees. Please copy, Department of Chemistry Operations / Facilities Manager Brian Pretti on all requests. 

What is the procedure after I have submitted my request?

Requests are generally reviewed by the Department of Facilities Repair and Maintenance designated trades staff (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) in the order in which it is received during regular office hours (Monday-Friday, 7:00 am to 4:30 pm): In many cases, the assigned trades professional (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) may perform an evaluation of the work prior to the actual repair. It is at this point that a tentative timeline subject to availability of parts and/or supplies and possible costs will be determined.

How do I follow-up on the status of my request?

Requests may be monitored in Atlas. Users will see all Work Requests submitted, requests in progress, and requests that have been completed. If there is a satisfactory outcome to your request; no further action is required. If the problem continues or has or has not been completely resolved, please contact Department of Chemistry Operations / Facilities Manager Brian Pretti at Requests submitted by members of the department will be periodically reviewed for quality purposes (i.e. timely and satisfactory resolution of the problem).

What request items are chargeable?

General repair and maintenance work requests fall within the charge of the Department of Facilities and are therefore usually at no cost. Alterations, renovations, and other special services may incur a charge. Examples of repairs and maintenance at no cost include: repair work for leaky faucets, door locks and hinges; existing electrical outlets, inoperable light switches, replacement of burnt out light bulbs, etc.  Work Requests to add a new electrical outlet, add bookshelves, add partition to a room, mounting monitors or projector screens, etc. are chargeable items (i.e. a Sales Work Request).