Environmental Health & Safety

The Department of Chemistry's Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) program is administered by the Department EHS Committee made up of faculty, graduate students, administrative staff, and the EHS Coordinator. Day-to-day activities are managed by the EHS Coordinator in conjunction with each laboratory’s EHS Representative.

Questions should be directed to your laboratory EHS Representative or to the EHS Coordinator, Scott Ide, Room 18-281.


Members of the Chemistry Department EHS Committee 2017






Stephen L. Buchwald Professor 18-490 617-253-1885
Kenny Chen Graduate Student (Shoulders Group) 56-546 617-234-1871
Christopher C. Cummins Professor 6-435 617-253-5332
Kyan D'Angelo Graduate Student (Movassaghi Group) 18-132 617-324-0394
Rick L. Danheiser Professor and Chair, EHS Committee 18-298 617-253-1842
Joseph Dennis Graduate Student (Buchwald Group) 18-343 617-324-0261
Luis Galindo Research Engineer (LBRC) 6-204 617-253-6203
Scott Ide EHS Coordinator and Chemical Hygiene Officer 18-281 617-324 6132
Jun Jiang Graduate Student (Field Group) 6-022 617-252-1975
Elise Miner Graduate Student (Dinca Group) 6-426 617-452-2470
Mohammad Movassaghi Professor 18-290 617-253-3986
Ronald T. Raines Professor 18-498 617-253-1470
Carly Schissel Graduate Student (Pentelute Group) 18-572 617-324-1841
Gabriela S. Schlau-Cohen Professor 6-225 617-253-2457
Matthew D. Shoulders Professor 16-573A 617-452-3525
Richard J. Wilk Administrative Officer, Chemistry Headquarters 18-390 617-253-1802
Bing Yan Graduate Student (Surendranath Group) 18-163