Department of Chemistry Insurance Claims - Webform

MIT’s Property Insurance program covers Institute-owned property, including buildings, furniture, office and lab equipment, library media and collections, and supplies.  (Personal property is not covered.  For further details, please see MIT’s Office of Insurance website.)

In order to initiate an insurance claim and indicate that property has been damaged, please complete the form below

Upon receipt of this information, you will receive an email from Headquarters containing a Dropbox link.  You will need to upload the following:

·      Copies of the original PO/invoice, reflecting the date of the purchase, price and specifications of the damaged equipment

·      MIT property tag number (if applicable)

·      Copies of the repair estimates, bills or replacement PO/invoices. 

·      Proof of damage (i.e. photographs, field service report (equipment/instruments), etc.) 


Department of Chemistry Insurance Claims Webform: