DCIF Orientation

The Department of Chemistry Instrumentation Facility is a shared instrument facility for the Chemistry Department located in the sub-basement (18-0090) of the Dreyfus Building on the main MIT campus. The DCIF’s principle function is to maintain state-of-the-art major analytical instrumentation to support the ongoing research programs within the MIT Chemistry Department.

DCIF Staff

Walter Massefski
617.253.2016 wwm@mit.edu
John Grimes
Operations Manager
617.253.1806 jgrimes@mit.edu
Bruce Adams
DCIF Staff
617.253.1812 adamsb@mit.edu
General Lab Contact
Goes to all DCIF Staff
617.253.1806 dcif@mit.edu


Instrument training may commence once you join a research group. Please review the information on the New User section of the website. 

The DCIF currently houses seven NMR spectrometers, one EPR spectrometer, a 4.7T Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometer (FT-MS) which includes an EI/CI ionization source, and ESI source, and a DART source. A GC-MS, MALDI-TOF-MS, polarimeter, and an FT-IR spectrophotometer are also available. All facility instrumentation requires training by a DCIF staff member. No exceptions. The NMR instrumentation housed in the DCIF is described below:

Instrument Channels VT? Default Probe Comments
Varian Mercury 300 2 No Autoswitchable broadband for 1H, 13C, 19F, 31P observation only; no tuning, no VT
Bruker Avance III DPX
2 Yes Autotunable Used mostly for routine 1H and 13C; tunable for other X nuclei; good for 2D; VT: -150 to +150 C.
Bruker Avance III DRX
400 AKA "401"
2 No Autotunable Used mostly for routine 1H and 13C; tunable for other X
nuclei; good for 2D; VT: -150 to +150 C
Varian Inova 500
AKA "500"
3 Yes

Inverse triple resonance

Best instrument for routine 1H detected work, including
2D; limited range for VT: -20 to +80 C
Varian Inova 500
AKA "501"
2 Yes Switchable broadband Best instrument for broadband observation (including 13C); VT: -100-150 C
Varian Inova 500
AKA "502"
4 Yes Inverse broadband Detects only 1H; VT: -100-150 C
Bruker Avance DRX 600 4 Yes Inverse triple resonance 1H, 13C, 15N; Cryoprobe (only for 1H); VT: +10 to 60 C.

A limited number of additional probes are available for the various NMR instruments. Please inquire if you have any special spectroscopic analysis requirements. Instrument status queries and reservations can be made on-line using a custom-written software package. Research groups are charged for instrument usage.