Daniel Suess to Join the Department

Danielle Randall
June 14, 2016

Dr. Daniel Suess, currently a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. R. David Britt at the University of California, Davis, will join the department as an Assistant Professor on July 1, 2017.

Dan received his B.A. from Williams College and his Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology under the guidance of Prof. Jonas Peters. 

His research group will study redox reactions that underpin global biogeochemical cycles, metabolism, and energy conversion. Many such reactions (e.g. those promoted by iron-sulfur enzymes and metal-chalcogenide and -pnictogenide materials) are performed at active sites whose structural complexity has significantly hampered molecular-level mechanistic investigations. Using synthetic and biological chemistry, researchers in Dan’s lab will develop chemical approaches that yield deep mechanistic insight and the discovery of new catalysis.