Class of 2021 Treated to a Performance of 'Marvelous Molecules in Play'

Danielle Randall
April 12, 2017

On Thursday, April 6, 2017, admitted members of the MIT undergraduate class of 2021 were invited to experience a thrilling hour of chemistry magic presented by John Dolhun PhD ’72, Instructor in the Department of Chemistry Undergraduate Labs.

Dr. Dolhun, assisted by senior Chemistry student Heejo Keum, gave a spectacular demonstration, and engaged the group of future freshmen with visually dazzling experiments, including magical polymers, flaming vapors, chemiluminescence, the trial of a gummy bear, and other celebrations of chemical reactions. Over the course of the hour, seven audience members enthusiastically voluteered to participate in the experiments.


Dr. John Dolhun demonstrates the chemistry inside a lightbulb.


Heejo Keum activates an experiment using hydrogen peroxide.


Volunteer Kai Maier's body acts as an intermediary to illuminate the fluorescent bulb.


Volunteer Stephanie helps facilitate a superabsorbent polymer demonstration.

This edition of Marvelous Molecules in Play was part of Campus Preview Weekend, an annual event that welcomes admintted students to spend 3.14159 days immersed in MIT culture and help to transform the idea of attending MIT into a tangible experience. An action packed event designed to provide a first-hand glimpse into how students live and learn at MIT, Campus Preview Weeekend includes over 650 events to choose from in order to customize the experience. In addition, pre-freshmen have the opportunity to experience MIT's classes, labs, groups and residence halls, meet current students and faculty members, mingle with fellow members of the class of 2021, and dive headfirst into MIT's vibrant and dynamic community.