Award Modifications and Notices

Award Modifications and Notices

Notice of Awards

A Notice of Award is the formal notification from the sponsor that an award is offered in response to an application submitted by MIT.  Here are some useful questions to ask yourself upon receiving a Notice of Award (NOA) for a new sponsored account:

Has the funding arrived?

Check Kuali Coeus to see if the award has been set up and the initial increment of funding appears in the “Action Summary & History” tab in the “Time & Money” link.  If the funding appears in KC but not in SAP, check the effective date of the new funding; SAP will not reflect the new funding until the effective date.  If the effective date has passed and the funding still does not appear in SAP, contact a member of the Research Administration Team to follow-up with OSP.

Do I need to set up a child account?

In some situations, a child account will need to be set up to administer an award.  Ask yourself these questions to determine whether or not you will need a child account:

  1. What is the purpose of the child account and how much funding is needed?  Should the end date coincide with the parent account or end earlier? Talk with your PI and consult the NOA and budget, then contact a member of the Research Administration Team to process this request. (Note: The end date of a child account cannot be later than the obligation end date of the parent.)
  2. Is there cost-sharing in the budget?  If so, a child account is needed. Contact a member of the Research Administration Team to set up the account. 
  3. Is a fabricated equipment account needed? Please visit the Fabricated Equipment page for instructions on how to coordinate with the Property Office to set up the account.

Has the obligated total changed from what was in the proposal?

Compare the obligated total in the NOA to the submitted proposal budget.  If it is the same, create your projections using the same number that was proposed.  If there was a change and the sponsor did not request a revised budget, determine if a specific budget line-item was cut or what percentage the award has decreased (or increased) and work with your PI to develop a revised budget for the project.  Then create your projections with the new total obligated cost.  If an updated budget was requested by the sponsor (e.g., Just-in-Time request), then use that budget for your projections.

Award Modifications

Award Modifications typically include changes to the period of the award, the funding or the terms and conditions.  This includes but is not limited to: extending the obligation end date, providing no-cost extensions, changes to key personnel, or an increment of funding. 

When you receive an Award Modification (Award Mod) for an ongoing sponsored account, you should determine what the modification is for: has more funding arrived?  Have the end-dates changed?  Is the child account updated as well? Has the obligated total changed from last year?  Asking yourself these questions will tell you why the award modification was generated, what its purpose is, and what –if any- actions are needed on your part to resolve any potential issues.